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  1. Games, games and games

    [Quote] http://source/

    My List of interesting Games

    Actually, this is a list of lists, as BESW notes. And maybe it should actually be something else – a two-dimensional graph, with axes “I have played it this much” and “I want to play it this much”. Also, this is of course a snapshot. It ...

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  2. Man Nehme Stattdessen 1: Paprikakuchen

    [Paprika und Erdbeeren.]


    Im Winter-exPuls 2015 haben wir folgenden Wettbewerb ausgeschrieben.

    Wir haben dazu zwei Einsendungen bekommen, die wir euch im Folgenden vorstellen.

    Sieger: Tarte Tatin aux Poivrons

    Medea Menzel schickte uns folgendes Rezept für eine Tarte Tatin.

    Tarte Tatin aux Poivrons

    Mürbeteig: 250g Vollkornmehl 100g Butter 75g brauner Zucker 1 Ei ...

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  3. Correlated Characters

    [Fuzzy Dice on a washing line.]

    When constructing models that we want to use in the inference of human cultural traits, we often encounter a problem of (possible) dependency: The individual features that evolve are not necessarily independent of each other. This can be due to obvious implications – a culture living inland will hardly have any ...

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